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Recent Album Reviews - The Undeserved

on Wed, 11/09/2011 - 15:01

Comanchero's third studio album, The Undeserved, has now been out over a month and the response has been amazing thus far!  As of 11/9/11, songs from The Undeserved are being played on over 75 radio stations accross the country.  The album debueted at #16 on the radio chart, is climbing the ranks on the AMA, and just hit #19 on The Noise's local music chart in Boston.  Here are a couple of recent reviews from The Linfield Review and AltCountry.NL, a Dutch site with a focus on Americana and Alt Country music.  We're dreaming of a European tour, no doubt.  Excerpts and links are below. 

From the Linfield Review:

"The unique sounds of bluegrass and country-rock collide to bring you Boston native band Comanchero.  One of the tracks, titled “Jimmy Carter,” brings bongos and eclectic guitar sounds together to create a lively, foot-stomping beat. Clever lyrics are guaranteed when you listen to any of Comanchero’s songs.  Many different bands and artists, such as Wilco, Mumford and Sons and Led Zeppelin, influence Comanchero’s unique sounds. It is easy to pick up on these important contributors when you listen to this bluegrass and funk music."  Read the full article here!

Translation from AltCountry.NL:

"Comanchero is a band from Boston where on their third album, The Undeserved (Horse Fuel Records), an old-fashioned kind of country funk is heard.  All things considered it is an interesting course they choose.  For whoever still makes such music?  That all five band members sing is a plus wherby they keep good old country rock alive.  A song like Back In Town is very interesting and melodiously touches close to a band like Barefoot Jerry.  The boogie with screaming harmonica in Whiskey is the work of a true jam band."  Read the full article here!


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